How To: Inspect XML Docs in Bungee Connect

Recently, one of the participants in the Bungee Connect early access beta asked me how to view XML information in Bungee Connect. The usual context for needing to view an XML doc is when calling a REST API, so I’ll use that as an example. What follows may not be a complete answer to the developer’s original question, but with a little luck, it provides a solid enough foundation from which a developer can discover tricks. Also, I’ll build from simplest (no Bungee, just a browser) up to most involved (inspecting an XMLDocObject that has been populated from a REST reply). Read the rest of this entry »


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Five Thousand Bucks

Why should you consider attending AjaxWorld Conference and Expo? I can think of two good reasons.

  1. First off, you can win $5000 for registering right now.
  2. Secondly, Bungee Labs’ own Alex Barnett will be presenting at the event.

It’s likely that you will find some of the other Bungee Boys hanging out at the show, so if you’re going to be there, drop us a comment on the blog. We’ll make sure that we can meet up.

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Bungee Labs at AjaxWorld, Sept 2007

It’s been confirmed that I’ll be presenting at the AjaxWorld Conference and Expo, Sept 23-26 2007 at Santa Clara. According to the schedule, my session takes place on Day 1 (Sept 24), 10:10am to 10:50am, as part of the Bleeding-Edge AJAX Applications track.

The sessions and speakers list is impressive so I’ll be looking forward to the event and seeing where the industry is heading.

If you are planning to go and want to meet up, then ping me! (alexb at bungeelabs dot com).


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Updated: Google Maps Tutorial

We just wrapped up a complete overhaul of the Google Maps Tutorial. It’s now much shorter
than the previous version. (In fact, the previous version had somehow lost a couple key steps, which meant that the tutorial didn’t quite work.) The application you create in the tutorial is a bit stripped down, of course, but building it gives you what you need for your bigger projects.

If you are a participant in the Early Access Beta for Bungee Connect, please give the new tutorial a whirl. We’re always eager for feedback.

If you’re not a participant in the Early Access Beta and want to be, sign up here.


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Join Us on the Next Jump Call

Our monthly Bungee Connect “Jump Call” is coming up on August 7 at 2:00 MDT.

The Jump Call provides web developers in the Bungee Connect Early Access Beta with an opportunity to talk directly with the Bungee team, and ask questions about Bungee Connect.

Agenda for the August 7 Jump Call:

  1. Information on the latest system update to Bungee Connect
  2. New Developer Education Resources
  3. Open Q&A

Please pre-register for the event, see the forums post in the Bungee Connect Developer Network.

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Mashup Camp and Mashup University

The Bungee Boys are coming to Silicon Valley for Mashup Camp.

Brad Hintze and Ted Haeger will be hanging out all week at Mashup Camp/University, July 17-19 to show the Bungee Connect goodness and discuss whatever else is on people’s minds.

Bungee Connect Demo
Brad and Ted will demonstrate Bungee Connect on July 17 in the main hall, just after lunch. (The session was moved from the early morning timeslot to “just after lunch.”)

If you want to chat with Ted or Brad, you can contact them at:

  • brad [at] bungeelabs [dot] com
  • ted [at] bungeelabs [dot] com

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SSL and More: What’s in the Latest Bungee Connect System Update?

Our Bungee Connect product manager, Dave Brooksby, recently posted an update summary in the Bungee Connect forums.

Encryption (SSL, HTTPS)
When we sent out our invites to the Bungee Connect Early Access Beta, we included a mention that we had not turned on SSL encryption yet. The team has now finished testing, and all Bungee Builder traffic is now sent over SSL. This was the first priority of this release.

Remember Me
By popular request from our initial beta testers (as well as some of the Bungee crew), the login for Bungee Builder no longer requires you to re-enter your credentials between Builder sessions. We will continue to enhance this aspect of the Bungee Connect system. Additionally, the team has improved single sign-on between the Bungee Connect resources, such as Bungee Builder, the forums and the documentation

New Sample Application

On the start page there’s a new sample application that users can explore in order to learn more about the capabilities and development paradigm of Bungee Connect. We plan to provide additional sample applications in the future.

Bungee Connect developers can read more about the update in Dave’s post in the forums.

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